An Open Letter from Alison Jean Lester

Dear SwiftLit Readers,

With this delivery of Yuki Means Happiness...

I welcome you to Tokyo int he middle of the 1990's.

I welcome you to participate with Diana in two love stories.

And I welcome you to travel with Diana on two diffoculy journeys - one external, and one very deep inside.

As I wrote my acknowledgements, his novel would have been much harder to bring to life if my mother hadn't kept every letter I wrote her when I was living in japan. Having stayed for eight years, having learn to speak Japanese, and having given birth to two children there, I needed to re-read those letters to remind myself of the details that had at first surprised me. 

In the early '90s, letters were the bet way to communicate. International phone calls were still expensice, and email didn't exist. I know now that writing letters was y apprecticship for writing fiction. Really trying to get the feel of a place across to my family was excellent practise.

Fr this reason. i am thrilled to be writing you a latter, and I encourage you to write letters from time to time as well.

Happy New year, and happy reading!


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