An Open Letter From Matthew Smith

We were very lucky to include an open letter from Matthew Smith, author of The Waking in our December box. You can now read the full letter sent out to our subscribers below!
Dear Reader,
Now you have a copy of The Waking in your possession, I thought I’d let you know a bit about it.
The idea for the book originally came from the myth of the Japanese sun goddess Amaterasu, soon after I left university, twelve years ago. She hides in a dark cave away from the world, and the other deities tempt her out with music and mirrors that reflect her own light back to her.
This image developed into the story of a young woman, also having just left university, whose life seems strangely empty and directionless. I think it’s often at times like these that people begin their greatest adventures – whether they intend to or not. Of course, the best adventures take place both in the outside world and in the mind.
A long time separated my having the first idea for the novel and my completion of the book itself. But, as you will discover, Isabel runs on her own personal inner clock, as we all do, and science as well as literature reassures us that time has never behaved as we like to imagine it in the first place.
The Waking is a book about loss, memory, family and friendship. It’s about the way others may try to draw you into their world, and how we might fight to reclaim ourselves – so it’s also about the imagination.
I hope you enjoy reading it.
Matt Smith

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