About SwiftLit

When it comes to books I feel you can never have too many. Here at SwiftLit, I’m set on delivering the latest literary paperback fiction every month to my subscribers.

     Since graduating university after three years of discussing books, writing about books, smelling books (you know that old bookshop or library smell) I had some pretty acute withdrawal symptoms. I became a bookseller with a very well known high street brand which was an amazing job for me. I got to talk about books all day and work with some brilliant characters. When my position there came to an end, however, I began searching around for a way to keep my life being bookish and that is how we’ve all winded up here reading this about page – SwiftLit.

     I love discovering new fiction, sharing it and enjoying it. Through SwiftLit I want to bring you the best literary paperback releases that I feel are worthy of reading with passion, discussing with panache and relishing in with all their bookish majesty. Literary fiction is the genre that I read comfortably within and so that is what I offer up to you all though I live by my bookish philosophy that we should read anything and everything. As long as its great writing and worthy of discussion, it’s a contender for us as literary readers.

     Every month that you subscribe, a new literary paperback release will be sent out direct to your doorstep alongside specially selected gift items chosen by myself. My subscribers are very special to me and I will endeavour to do my very best in ensuring they all receive something that will take pride of place on their bookshelf. I also promise to bring you as many opportunities for interaction and discussion as I can beyond the monthly deliveries. That, in essence, is what I offer with SwiftLit. The chance to build your bookshelf with stellar literary fiction and connect over those books in ways that I’ve enjoyed doing for years now.

     I hope to appear on your doorstep soon (by which I mean the boxes, not me personally because that might be a bit strange and unexpected)

All the best to you,